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Greenville Car Wash

From their website:

All Greenville Car Wash's are Full-Service car wash facilities. We feature the latest in tunnel wash equipment to thoroughly clean your car using only: soft cloth, the right combination of solutions, and water pressure. All locations utilize modern water reclamation technology to reclaim, filter and reuse wash water. All of our car wash solutions are biodegradable. You can be assured of the safest, most environmentally friendly car wash available. Greenville Car Wash is owned and operated by the Culbertson family. Wes Culbertson became involved in the industry in 1967 when he purchased ownership in the original Laurens Road location. Since that time, three sons, Bruce, Don, and Ed, have grown up in the business and expanded to four locations. With over 150 years of combined experience, our emphasis continues to be on customer satisfaction.