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Bad Driving Habits to Kick Today Like Texting While Driving

How to Avoid These Ten Dangerous Driving Habits

We all pick up bad habits here and there. Bad habits that seem harmless, or at worst inconvenient, tend to fly under the radar. But did you know there are some subtle habits that are hurting your auto and your wallet? It’s true that some bad habits can affect your vehicle maintenance schedule, like unnecessarily riding the brakes. But the bad habits that risk your safety are the ones that cost you either the big bucks when there's an accident or precious pennies with constant traffic violations. Let’s take a look at the top Bad Driving Habits – are you guilty of any of these things?

Ten Bad Driving Habits

  1. Using Your Cell Phone While Driving. The most obvious bad habit that we are commonly outraged at on the road is people using their phones. We see close calls where it is clear that the driver simply isn’t paying attention. Nothing is more infuriating than a dangerous accident that could have easily been avoided. If this is you, then this bad habit should be a number one priority as you're putting yourself and those around you in danger.
  2. Not Using Your Signals. It's your job to communicate with other drivers while you are on the road. This simple missed step can cause big accidents or pesky traffic tickets!
  3. Not Checking Your Blind Spots. We’ve all done it. You start switching lanes before you check your blindspot and have to swerve dramatically back into your lane while the other vehicle swerves to avoid you and has probably caused a traffic disturbance on the other side of them as well. This can potentially cause a multi-vehicle accident and is no small problem. Blinker, Blindspot, proceed. 
  4. Merging Incorrectly. When it comes to bad merging habits there are two types of people. 
    • The Polite or Passive Driver. This is the person who is holding up the directed flow of traffic by letting in everyone in front of them or waiting for an opening. It is not a yield sign, it is a merge sign. It’s your job to merge into traffic, it’s their job to let you.
    • The Aggressive Driver. You know the one – that guy who races as fast as he can to the end of the lane to see how many drivers he can merge in front of – as if there is a metal for merging further ahead in line.
    • Check out how to merge correctly here!
  5. Tailgating. There is nothing worse than that driver who insists on driving 2 feet away from your bumper at 55 mph! It’s stupid and it’s dangerous so stop doing it.
  6. Speeding. When everybody goes at the correct speed and follows the designated traffic patterns, the flow of traffic is improved. It’s that simple. When we all follow the rules we all get there faster. Still not convinced? A routine traffic stop will likely add at least 20 minutes to your trip if everything goes well. So for the 5 minutes, you're saving, you’re risking another 15. Not to mention the cost of the ticket or risk to safety.
  7. Driving While Tired. This is one of the most overlooked bad driving habits. It’s very dangerous. People think the only risk is actually falling asleep but it’s not. When you’re tired your reaction time is slowed and your ability to pay attention is weakened. This means driving while tired increases the likelihood that you have other bad driving habits too. “Isn’t everybody tired?” No. Most people work hard to get enough sleep to complete their required tasks and you should too. You will live longer on the road and in general.
  8. Eating and Drinking. This is a tough one for all of us. The whole idea of fast food caters to this negative driving habit. But it’s worth mentioning that eating or drinking means taking a hand off the wheel, an eye of the road, and a significant portion of concentration away from operating your vehicle.
  9. Personal Grooming. This is not only for the ladies! Putting on your makeup, brushing your hair, or checking those nose hairs is not what those mirrors are for.
  10. Driving With Pets. There are obviously times when it is absolutely necessary to have your pet in the vehicle with you. But if you are in the habit of letting Spot come along for the ride, make sure you count the cost! Pets are very distracting to their owners while operating a vehicle. If you did get in an accident, your pet would likely not live through it unless they are not properly restrained. For the sake of your fellow drivers, your pet, and yourself, keep these joy rides to a minimum.

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