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10 Tips to Tow Like a Pro from North Hills Auto

How to Tow Like a Pro!

Learning to tow safely is not a small feat. Without skill, experience, and attention to detail, you can be a danger to other drivers on the road and to your own vehicle. Here are ten tips to help you tow like a pro!

10 easy to learn tips for towing a trailer

  1. Check your vehicle tow rating. You never want to tow more than your vehicle is rated for. This can cause an unsafe driving situation and risk damage to your vehicle. It is also important to note that you should not max out your tow capacity, save weight for other things like fuel in your boat, extra coolers, and supplies, or the luggage itself.
  2. Keep up on maintenance. It's easy to overlook your truck if it's your daily driver. But it is important to keep your Tow vehicle in good working order with regular maintenance. Be sure to check the tires on Tow day also. 
  3. Check your trailer BEFORE tow day. It's important to check your trailer ahead of time. Since trailers tend to be parked for longer periods, they are more susceptible to issues like dry rot affecting your tires or critters getting into the wiring. 
  4. Keep the proper tools with you. You wouldn't hit the road without a spare and a tire change kit. Make sure you include those items for your trailer as well.
  5. Choose the right hitch. Most tow vehicles these days will come with a hitch, IF your vehicle doesn't then you want to choose yours with care, considering what you will be towing. 
  6. Make sure your ball matches your trailer. According to consumer reports, incorrectly sized hitch balls are the No. 1 cause of trailer accidents.
  7. Use a trailer safety chain. Inspect your trailer chain for wear every time you hook it up. Never hook a trailer chain straight. You should cross the safety chains underneath the hitch and coupler. This will hold the tongue off the pavement should your trailer come loose. You also want to leave the chain with enough slack to allow turning. 
  8. Always use wheel chocks when unhitching your trailer.
  9. Practice safe driving. Make wide turns, give yourself a longer stopping distance, and use a spotter when backing up.
  10. Mind the rules of the road. Some roads don't allow trailers, make sure you check your routes beforehand.

If you want to get your tow vehicle in tip-top shape for all your summertime adventures, swing on into North Hills Auto for our 120 point vehicle inspection.

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