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Heart monitor as an illustration of NHA diagnostic equipment

3 Secrets You Need to Know About Auto Diagnostics

Quality automotive diagnostic testing is crucial for timely and thorough vehicle repair. The diagnostics that we've come to take for granted are actually far more involved than is commonly known. For example, did you know that not all diagnostic equipment is created equally? These highly specialized tools can vary in quality and function as much as a digital thermometer differs from a Hospital CT Scanner. Let's take a moment to cover the basics so you can make confident choices the next time your auto needs a check-up.

1. Not all Diagnostic tools are created equally

Given the scale of mass production and the market for diagnostic tools, there is a lot of misinformation out there as well as some bad products. The thing is – “bad” doesn't mean “cheap”. Repair shops are forking out a lot of money to purchase these tools, and then they are spending a considerable amount of man-hours to learn how to use them before investing the time to train their staff to use them. This can put a huge amount of financial stress on a shop if these tools don’t work as expected. When a repair shop has made wise investments in their diagnostic equipment and team training, it shows in timely, efficient repairs and satisfied customers.

2. A “Good Price” can cost you

As educated consumers, we’ve learned that it’s wise to shop around. Evaluating price, reviews and testimonials can save time and money, right? In this instance, choosing the "best bang for your buck" may not be the best choice. We have all seen diagnostic testing advertised as free. So, why choose to pay for something that another shop advertises as complimentary? The truth is, a good quality diagnostic test simply cannot be offered for free because it's an asset that is very costly to an automotive shop. This cost, however, is directly recovered by the value of consistent, timely and efficient repairs.

3. There is no such thing as a “free diagnostic”

Taking your vehicle to the repair shop to be serviced is much like going to the doctor for a check-up. When you go to the doctor, the Labs are not included, nor are they performed by the doctors themselves. Your blood is drawn by a nurse then sent off to a lab to be tested by a technician, and finally inspected by a specialist. Unlike your doctor's office, your automotive repair shop must do all of their testing, diagnostics, and repair in-house. We wouldn’t want the doctor to make a diagnosis without the support of the lab's highly trained technicians and the use of their specialized technology. Similarly, should our mechanics diagnose the issues affecting our complex vehicle systems without the support of cutting-edge diagnostic equipment?  Today’s mechanic is not only judged on his automotive skill and experience, but also on his mastery of a variety of highly specialized, ever-evolving diagnostic equipment.

Invest in the Best

Just as medical diagnostic equipment has changed the healthcare industry, automotive diagnostic equipment has forever changed the automotive repair industry. The modern automotive shop knows the value of investing in the best diagnostic equipment for their clients. At North Hills Auto we pride ourselves in the highest quality service. This means we use highly rated, well-vetted tools and educate our staff expertly so our customers can enjoy the best experience when getting their autos serviced.

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