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AC Temperature Controls in Car - North Hills Auto, NC

How to Identify a Failing AC Compressor

Summertime is in full swing and while we couldn't wait for it to get here, now we are all thinking the same thing, IT’S SO HOT! One of the few issues that can ruin your summer is when your auto has an AC problem. That's why we wanted to help you understand the importance of your AC compressor as well as the symptoms to watch out for!

What is an AC compressor?

Your AC compressor is the key player in your air conditioning system. While all system parts are integral to its function, the compressor does the most work. The compressor puts the refrigerant under high pressure, then moves the refrigerant between the evaporator and condenser coils, this causes the refrigerant to change into gas or liquid as needed. 

4 Signs of a Bad Air Compressor 

  1. Cabin Temperature. When your AC is turned on high it should be blowing COLD air. If the air is just cool, that's the first symptom of a problem. 
  2. Squealing or grinding Noises. There are many bad sounds to look out for under the hood of your vehicle. But this sound is specific. It comes when you power on your AC. Among the various parts that make up your AC compressor, there is a sealed bearing. When this bearing is worn, leaks, or seizes, it can produce a high-pitched squeal or a grinding noise. It is common practice to replace the entire compressor when this happens.
  3. Leakage. The bearings in the compressor prevent any fluid or refrigerant from leaking. A worn bearing allowing fluids to leak could cause your compressor to fail.
  4. Stuck AC compressor clutch. The compressor clutch allows the ac compressor to pull power from the engine when necessary. This could be a more affordable repair since you can replace the clutch without replacing the entire compressor.

Do you suspect that you may have some AC issues? At North Hills Auto, our Best Practice results in lower costs to you. You pay only for the defective part and associated labor - not somebody's wild guess. And, AC components come with our Lifetime Parts & Labor Guarantee, so you’ll never have to pay twice for the same repair!

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