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Top 8 EV Battery Tips

How to Extend the Life of Your EV’s Battery

If you’re an EV (electric vehicle) owner, then you already know that much like the battery in your smartphone, your EV’s lithium-ion battery will lose its luster over time. One of the few downsides of owning an EV, all this really means is that you must make considerations in order to preserve that integral lifeline to your vehicle. And since not all EV batteries can be treated equally (they differ in drive time for one) you’ll want to start by learning as much as you can about your EV’s specific battery type if you haven’t done so already.

So how does an EV battery pack-age exactly? Here’s the science in layman’s terms: a battery degrades when it’s charged and drained of its charge on a routine basis. This repeated process basically allows for the materials that make up the battery to deteriorate over time. It’s a gradual process but depending on how you treat your vehicle, it can certainly happen at a faster or slower than average rate. Here are our top seven easy rules that will prolong the life of your EV battery.

Extend the life of your EV battery with these 7 easy rules

    1. Slow and Steady Wins This Race. Yes, we know how tempting the fast charger is. Sometimes; it’s a necessity. We get it. However, fast charging on a continuous basis will actually more quickly degrade your battery and shorten its life as the fast charging feature really stresses your EV’s mechanical components. So only do it when it’s really necessary.
    2. Get Your Charge on Wisely. Another crucial tip on charging – don’t overcharge! EV batteries don’t like to be charged to 100%. In fact, 80% is their “happy place.” If you’re charging to 100% on a regular basis then you can bet that over time, you’ll corrode the aluminum collector. Plus, the extra 20% allows for regenerative braking, which will convert kinetic energy into usable energy if there’s enough battery space. It’s a win-win.
    3. Just Say “No” to Deep Discharging. Please don’t ever let your battery creep below 20%, if possible. 15% should be your emergency alert for charging, stat. When your battery is completely discharged or sits below the 10% mark for a prolonged period of time, it wears it out.
    4. Slow Down! We’re talking to all you speed demons. Drive with the flow of traffic for safety and for battery life. And if you’re not in a rush to get where you’re going, then consider taking the scenic route over the highway as much as possible as this will save your battery life today and in the long term.
    5. Plan, Plan, Plan. When you’re on a road trip or taking an unfamiliar route somewhere that’s not exactly around the corner, plan out your trip and research all possible charging stations along the way. Don’t ever put yourself in an unsafe situation where your charge is dangerously low. Not only would running out of charge on the side of the road make for one very bad day, it’s also really bad for your battery – in more ways than one!
    6. Mind Your Parking Spot. While getting the “prime spot” right in front of the building might be tempting, consider your EV battery when picking a spot and always opt for a spot with some shade covering, whenever possible. High heat forces your thermal management system to run and can also lead to your battery overheating, which will quickly drain the charge.
    7. Keep Your EV Battery Cozy. This may sound silly but in the harsh winter months, you should keep your EV battery as cozy as possible. So make sure your EV is parked in a garage and plugged in so the battery’s thermal management system will do its part in keeping the battery in a comfortable state. Some EV’s will automatically run the thermal management system even if the vehicle isn’t plugged in. Again, it’s important to know your specific battery and its various features and capabilities.

At North Hills Auto we care about your safety and the life of your EV battery. So follow these simple rules, and then leave the rest of your EV maintenance to us. Swing on into North Hills Auto for our 120 point vehicle inspection. We want to help you keep your EV road-ready!

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