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The 123’s of Planning a Road Trip in your Electric Vehicle

It's vacation season again and we know a lot of you are ready to hit the road! So how do you plan a trip when you have an electric or hybrid vehicle? Read on to get the 123’s of traveling EV.

How to Plan your EV Road Trip

Planning ahead is a necessity when you're about to hit the road, but it is twice as important when you're driving an EV. Here is what you need to know before you go.

  1. Know your mileage. Mileage can change depending on how you're driving your vehicle. Make sure you know how far you can go, and pay attention if your mileage changes.
  2. Plan your Route. Know which way you are going to go and where you are going to stop for a charge. There are some great websites and apps available to help you out. Plugshare, Chargehub, OpenChargeMap
  3. Plan your charging sessions around mealtimes, activities, shopping, or walkable areas. One of the benefits of stopping in for a charge is having a good reason to get out and explore. Take advantage of this opportunity.
  4. Verify charging station charge levels. A slow charge can change your itinerary. Looking for higher-level charging stations will get you back on the road faster.
  5. Have a backup plan. Plenty of surprises can come your way no matter what type of vehicle you're riding in. But here are a few things to look out for when it comes to EV road-tripping:
    1. Mileage Variations.
    2. Charging stations that are out of order.
    3. Long waits for charging stations. 

All of the above can really throw a wrench in your plans, make sure you have some alternate charging stations mapped.

Safety First

Remember when you're on the road that a good plan will make for safer travels. A few quick searches can help you overcome all obstacles! For example:

  1. Where are the hospitals on your route?
  2. Are your scheduled stops in safe areas? You can use websites like AreaVibes to make sure the stops on your agenda make you feel comfortable and secure.
  3. Are there any dead areas? Know before you go, if and when, you will be out of cell service.

We here at North Hills Auto know just how valuable your time is and want to help you enjoy it. Leave it to us to make sure your ride is road-trip-ready. Take advantage of our Vehicle Inspection Super Offer today.

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