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Put Some Green Back Into Your Pocket with These Green Driving Tips

We all want to save the planet, but often eco-friendly alternatives are too pricey, right? Not when it comes to your auto. Driving technique has a lot to do with your fuel economy so you can save some green just by driving green.  

Easy Green Driving Tips

  • Go The Speed Limit – Did you know that if you travel at the legal speed limit continuously, you increase your chances of hitting green lights? The fewer stoplights and less stopping/slowing the better when it comes to saving fuel.
  • Don't Drive Aggressively – Jerky and aggressive driving decreases your fuel efficiency by 15% - 30%. It also increases wear and tear on your vehicle as well as compromising safety.
  • Don't Hang Out In The Car – You can make the air healthier in your town or community by cutting down on the hazardous pollution caused by idling. Turn your car off instead of idling when you’ll be parked safely for more than 10 seconds.
  • Plan Ahead – Minimize unnecessary miles by doing multiple errands in one trip, checking your directions and the traffic, and calling ahead.
  • No Junk In The Trunk – Don't ride around with excessive amounts of stuff in your car. You should keep essential emergency items. However, items that are not needed will weigh the vehicle down causing an increase in gas usage, which is bad for you.
  • Save The AC – While in older vehicles it makes a very notable difference. it is debatable in newer vehicles whether running the AC compromises fuel efficiency. But, on a beautiful day it can't hurt to use the windows to help keep the car cool.
  • Park In The Shade – Parking in a shaded area and using a reflective windshield shade can minimize the amount of gas it takes to cool down the car. It also makes your commute much more comfortable and saves your interior from the damaging rays of the sun!
  • Use Those Bells And Whistles – Use your cruise control when on the highways.
  • Carpool – Consider the carpool lane a few times a week. A simple solution that benefits your pocketbook, the environment, and your friends!

Drive Kind

Car Manufacturers are making changes to lessen our impact on the environment at a pretty drastic rate, and our advancing technology is doing wonders on the performance of our engines. Drive kindly, and you will protect your vehicle and the planet from unnecessary damage.

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