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A Buyer’s Guide for Buying Used Vehicles in the New Normal

Have you considered buying pre-owned but are intimidated that you may get taken for a ride? No need to let fear take the wheel! We are here to tell you everything you need to know about getting an excellent deal on a quality pre-owned vehicle!

What’s New With Pre Owned?

The automotive industry shut down earlier this year for nearly two months due to the coronavirus outbreak. This shut down drastically changed the market for new and used cars. The lack of new car inventory has caused used car value to go up like never before.

This increasing value has been compounded:

  • The new normal has created an uncertain economy that has affected job security for many.  This understandably causes fear when it comes to large investments. As a result, many Americans in need of a vehicle are opting to buy pre-owned. 
  • People who would not have been interested in personal vehicle ownership in the past feel very differently now. Trying to avoid public transit has caused people to flock to their local dealers.

Why Buy Pre-Owned?

While there are many reasons for choosing a pre-owned vehicle, the most notable benefits are:

  • Price – Used vehicles are more affordable than buying new off the lot.
  • Value – Pre-owned cars don't face the quick depreciation rate that new cars do.

Is it safe to buy Pre-Owned Vehicles?

Short answer, Yes, it is. But, you do want to be knowledgeable and cautious. It is important to know the value and condition of the vehicle in question.

How to Purchase Used:

You never want to go into the field without the proper tools, so we want to fill your automotive shopping tool belt if you will, with tried and true tips for buying used.

Is the price right? 

Check Kelley Blue Book to see if the car's price reflects the value. 

Is it in good condition?

Buying a used vehicle can be a tricky business, you need a knowledgeable professional in your corner to look the car over before you purchase it. Don’t know anyone? No need to skip out on a great deal! We offer a pre-purchase inspection for this very reason. 

Has it been repaired?

Sometimes when you look at an overall vehicle with anticipation and excitement you miss some of the subtle red flags.  

      • Instead of depending on that eye candy shine, look closely at the body panels. Are there dings, and dents? A shiny coat on top of a ding or dent is a telling sign that the vehicle has been repaired from some type of body damage.
      • Check the rims, dents are another sign of damaging wear.
      • Operate the electrical systems: windows, locks, radio, etc.

Ready for More?

Buying Pre-owned Vehicles Series — We’ve prepared a buyer-friendly video course just for you!  

  1. Why Buy Pre-Owned?
  2. Trouble-Light Fail
  3. Looking Past the Eye Candy
  4. Paint Check Trick
  5. What to Look For
  6. Pre-Purchase Inspection

If you're considering a vehicle to purchase, don't forget to swing by North Hills Auto for a 120 point pre-purchase inspection.

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