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Beat The Summer Heat With These Automotive Air Conditioning Tips!

Summer is officially here! The rising heat index spurs on all kinds of summer fun – cookouts, pool parties, family trips, that fresh cut grass smell lingering in the air. This season is a blast, that is, as long as you have a fully functioning cooling system!

5 Tips to Help Your Car Cool Efficiently

  1. Keep your parked car as cool as you can by using a sunshade and keeping your windows cracked. When you can, choose to park in the shade or in a garage.
  2. Turn on your fan and roll down the back windows to help the heat flow out of the car before turning on your ac.
  3. Start driving right away. Your vehicle cools most effectively while you are driving because the ac compressor runs relative to the speed your engine is turning. While it can be tempting in this heat to "pre-cool" your vehicle, it’s extra work for your auto and takes more time.
  4. Set your thermostat to the coldest setting and control the temperature with the fan by running it higher or lower.
  5. Consider using the recirculate setting once your vehicle begins to cool. This may help your engine out and increase your fuel economy while providing you with cleaner air and causing less pollution.

Get ahead of the hot weather and schedule a Summer Inspection to have your vehicle’s cooling system checked by the pros at North Hills Auto.

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