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Ken Gamble Shed's Light on the Remanufacturing Process

Rebuilt vs Remanufactured

In the world of engines and transmissions, there’s a big difference between rebuilding and remanufacturing. One industry leader, Jasper Engines and Transmissions, says it is all about the remanufacturing process. So what is remanufacturing and how is that different from going to a local rebuilder? 

Rebuilding an Engine or Transmission simply replaces the failed components inside the unit with new parts. Any part that has not failed is reused. Leaving used parts in a unit is less expensive but also increases the risk of future failure and a shorter life cycle leading to unexpected breakdowns and repeated costly repairs.

Remanufacturing, on the other hand, replaces all moving parts within the unit with new parts. Many “updates” are also engineered into the product. New Car manufacturers publish what are known as Technical Service Bulletins or TSBs. TSBs aim to correct engineering deficiencies that came from the factory on a new car. Over time, new car manufacturers realize that there are many weak points within their engine or transmission designs. They publish the "fixes" for these built-in problems in TSB's. These "fixes" are incorporated into the remanufactured unit and actually make it better than new! 

Remanufacturers like Jasper not only incorporate the "fixes" into the assembly but also additional improvements based on their own engineer's research. The result is a highly reliable remanufactured product. Jasper even backs every unit with a three year one hundred thousand mile guarantee. That guarantee is even better than some new car warranties, which speaks volumes about the confidence that we as a Jasper installer have in their products.

If your car ever needs an engine or transmission replaced, consider using a remanufactured one. It may cost a little more but the quality, guarantee, and peace of mind are well worth it. 

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