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Play It Safe By Having Your Car's Brake Fluid Tested

You might want to take a “brake” for this...

What color is brake fluid? If you know the answer you’re more informed than most. Brake fluid is basically clear and has the consistency of fruit juice. The next question may be a little trickery and may take some snooping under the hood… What color is the brake fluid in your car?

As brake fluid ages, it absorbs contaminants from being exposed to various hydraulic components within the braking system. When braking, fluid temperature increases from friction. That temperature change causes condensation which collects and becomes emulsified in the fluid. This moisture in the brake fluid causes oxidization on the various metals used in the braking system. The moisture content along with the deterioration and corrosion of internal brake lines, calipers and seals eventually turn the fluid to a dark brown (rusty) or even black color.

Moisture or water content can be tested electronically. If a moisture test reveals 3% water or greater it is essential to flush out the old fluid ASAP and installing new fluid. Neglecting this vital service will lead to leaking seals within the braking system that can cause complete brake failure which is obviously very dangerous and also results in higher repair costs. Be smart and safe by having your car's brake fluid tested at every oil service and have it flushed out if needed.

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