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Properly Diagnosing Your Vehicle Symptoms Saves You Money

What Are Your Symptoms? 

What’s the value of a proper diagnosis? My mind immediately goes to the medical field. I have a symptom, I see a doctor get a diagnosis and the remedy is prescribed. However, several days go by and I’m not getting better. I go back to the doctor and get another examination and another prescribed cure. What if the diagnosis is wrong and what if it was wrong from the beginning? We all know of and can tell of first-hand experiences of medical conditions that were under or misdiagnosed. 

Now follow me into the auto repair shop. Doctors have years of education and experience along with myriads of tests and procedures to follow and still get it wrong sometimes. In the auto shop, things are not much different except for the fact that many repair shops don’t have the procedures in place and don’t have the proper diagnostic tools at their disposal. Even if they do they may not have the education and experience needed to analyze the data and make the right call. Education, diagnostic tools and procedures are the connective tissue that holds a correct diagnosis together.

Now imagine that you have taken your car to a shop where education, tools, and procedures are not in place. What happens? How does that kind of shop deal with the symptom(s)? The short answer is they guess. That’s right, take a stab at replacing a part and see what happens next. That stab in the dark cost consumer’s nationwide an estimated 20 Billion dollars a year in unneeded or misdiagnosed repairs. That’s a lot of auto parts and service and some of that cash may be coming out of your pocket! Accurate diagnostics seem pretty essential once your wallet get’s involved, aye?

So let’s go back to my original question - What’s the value of a proper diagnosis? Having the proper education, buying the needed hardware and software and developing procedures all have a hard cost. And that’s one reason many shops don’t take that step. They simply can’t afford to keep up. Keeping up with technology on these three fronts have upfront and ongoing expenses and so charging a diagnostic fee for properly diagnosing a vehicle becomes not only relevant but also necessary and worth every penny. “Test Don’t Guess”!

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