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Packing Car for fun family vacation

Tips To Take Care of Your Car This Vacation

While we enjoy the luxury of comfortable seats, crisp audio, and cool AC, our vehicle is doing a lot of work. Show it some love by noting these five driving hacks.

Road Trip Top Five

  1. Don't Overpack – Different types of vehicles are designed to haul specific categories of weight. Overloading your auto can put unnecessary amounts of strain on your engine.
  2. Avoid The Potholes – Potholes can do a fair amount of damage to your vehicle. From flat tires, and dislodged wheel weights, to misalignment and damaged suspension parts.
  3. Give Your AC A Little TLC – Did you know that Running your auto's AC is the main contributor to reduced fuel economy in hot weather? Save some green and be kind to your machine! A few easy AC tips are:
    1. Park in the shade.
    2. Roll your windows down when you start driving to let the hot air out of the cabin.
    3. Put the AC on ‘circulate’ after the car has already cooled so that your AC is not overworking to cool the outside air.
    4. Check out our blog on good AC practices!
  4. Don't Speed – The truth is that most speed limits are already well above optimal engine running speed. It is tempting as you watch that ETA dwindle down, but DONT DO IT! Driving faster takes more fuel, your engine then has to pump harder to cycle that fuel. The result is that your engine parts then move at a higher than optimal rate.
  5. Get Routine Maintenance – Staying up to date on the health of your vehicle makes all the difference. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! In this case, a hundred dollars or prevention can save you thousands in repairs.

As always, North Hills Auto is here for you! If you are getting ready to hit the open road, let us get your auto ready for the ride, so you can rest easy and enjoy your vacation!

Give us a call at Augusta St (864) 233-9002 or Butler Rd (864) 234-1002.

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