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Ensure Your Vehicle is Safe and Reliable with our Annual Vehicle Safety Inspection – only $109

The two go hand in hand…

South Carolina is one of 12 States that does not require an Annual Vehicle Safety Inspection. Many folks moving into our community find that a little unnerving. They had been relying on the annual “State Inspection” to ensure that their vehicle was remaining safe and in reliable condition.

Are you wondering if your car is safe? At North Hills, we’ve turned your Question into a definite Answer by offering our Annual Vehicle Inspection Package. It’s quite simple and very affordable.

Our Annual Inspection is done in conjunction with a typical oil change. Just schedule your car for our Annual Inspection and for $99.00 we will give your car a 100-point Safety and Service Inspection, which includes the oil change and filter. PLUS, we will give you 3 more oil changes to use anytime you want at No Charge!

The total value for this package is over $350.00 and you will only pay $109.95! The retail price for 4 oil changes alone would cost $180.00 so it’s easy to see what a great value our Annual Inspection is!

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