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How to defrost window - North Hills Auto

Learn how to defrost and defog your windows

Defrosting Car Windshield

Have you ever jumped into your car while running a few minutes late only to realize that you don’t actually know how to defrost windows efficiently? You may find yourself fumbling around with buttons and dials to no avail as it seems like nothing is working. Here is a quick explanation that will ensure you never have this problem again.

How Defrosters Work

Your defrosters are meant to do exactly what they sound like, defrost your windows. If you don’t have a vehicle with a nifty defrost button that changes all the settings for you, you will need to understand how it actually works.

Hot air Defrosts your windows, however, hot air holds more moisture than cold air. Because of this, while the heat is defrosting your windows it is melting the frost into condensation which manifests itself in fog. (Which means you still can’t see). You need to defrost the window but to have full visibility you also need to Defog the windows by eliminating the condensation. The AC system has coils that, when air is circulated through them, dehumidify the air. So you actually need to use both the heating and the cooling system to gain full visibility through the windows.

The 1-2-3’s of Defrosting and Defogging Your Windows

  1. Start your vehicle and set the heat to high.
  2. Select the defrost setting by either, pushing the defrost button, or turning the dial to the defrost symbol.
  3. Push the AC button to ensure the air is running through the AC’s coils to remove moisture.
  4. Do not recirculate the air. The air outside the car is dry because cold air holds less moisture than warm air. 
  5. Crack your windows to help the hot humid air escape while you are replacing it with dry air.

This process is the most efficient way to achieve full visibility.

Are Your Heating And Cooling Systems Functioning Properly?

In order for your defrosters to work their best, you need your heating and cooling systems to function properly. Just like your AC helps your heater to defrost your windows, Your Heater actually helps to cool your engine. Most of the heat produced by your engine is expelled through the exhaust however the remaining heat needs to be dealt with.  A mixture of water and antifreeze circulates through the engine block and radiator, this process releases the excess heat into the atmosphere. Through this process, that heat that your engine needs to get rid of can be directed into the car to warm the interior of your vehicle. 

If you’re concerned that your heating and cooling systems are not performing at full capacity, swing into North Hills Auto today for our Auto Inspection Super Offer.

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