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Women Search For Automotive Care They Can Trust

It's Not That Complicated

The automotive aftermarket has made great strides in recent years to make its offerings more appealing to women. But a study from AutoMD suggests that the efforts still fall far short. More than 44 percent of women who participated in a survey earlier this year said they have a “negative view” of the repair shop experience. The respondents ranked going to a shop or dealership for repairs as a less likable experience than going to the dentist, ouch!

So what do women want to take away that “pain”? You may be inclined to think, “a lower price”. But in reality, the survey puts the price at the bottom, not the top of the list. As a matter of fact, numerous surveys all suggest that price is dead last. So what is first?


What women want is a more transparent experience. They want to feel like they’ve been communicated with in ways that put doubt’s, mystery and unexpected outcomes aside.  Let’s face it; today’s vehicles are becoming more and more complex. The glossary of automotive terms is ever expanding to the point that even former auto technicians can’t grasp the meaning of new words, let alone the constructs in which they operate. What women want (men too, but are too proud admit) is to feel like they at least have a rational and reasonable explanation of what their car needs and why it needs it. They want to know how the necessary repairs will benefit them. They want to be assured that they are not being taken advantage of. And they want to know that there is a solid guarantee in place.


Building relationships with consumers have to be rooted in trust. Maintaining that trust must be the top priority for any successful business. Some businesses and industries are more likely to be “naturally” trusted than others and it’s no secret that the auto repair industry is among the least trusted of all. Taking the time, as auto service providers, to be as transparent as possible with all consumers is the key to a successful service experience for everyone and is what binds that relationship together over the long haul.

Here are a few tips for gaining the kind of transparency you deserve:

First, Choose a shop with a reputation for integrity and an exceptional guarantee, then:

  • Explain as accurately as possible what your service request or complaint is
  • Ask the service advisor to categorize and prioritize the repairs (i.e. Safety, Preventative, Accessory, Cosmetic)
  • Get a written estimate before you authorize any repair
  • Know the expected time for completion – No 5 O’clock surprises!
  • Ask to see the replaced part(s) and to be shown the defect

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