• Why We're CLOSED Weekends

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We are OPEN Monday, Friday 7:30a – 5:30p

Our Philosophy

Our hours of operation may seem a little outdated to you. There are, however, very good reasons for our Monday – Friday schedule; reasons that go to the core of our business philosophy and who we are as individuals...

Families are “stretched” these days. They are very busy and very often parents have a difficult time finding the hours to be with their kids. At North Hills Automotive we hope to accomplish a couple of things by giving our employees the weekend off. 

First, they need rest. Being an automobile technician and supporting staff requires long days and hard work.  At the end of a busy week there needs to be time to take a break. During that weekend break, we encourage our team members to forget about working and focus on family. We encourage them to take up family oriented activities on Saturday and most importantly to attend Worship on Sunday. We don’t dictate how or where they worship but spiritual renewal is God ordained and supplies mental and moral strength to the physical body. We believe mankind was created to worship, work and live in community. The family is the most basic of these communities.

Team members who return to work on Monday morning after a weekend of rest and renewal are better prepared to focus on what we’re all about: Loving God and neighbor through the services we provide. We believe this provides a tremendous benefit to our customers, too.  A benefit that money can’t buy. 

Please support us in our efforts to keep our and your families intact.