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Complete Vehicle inspection

Complete Vehicle Inspection Super Offer — Only $119.95!

Our Annual Inspection is your solution to avoiding major mechanical repairs! Here's how it works: Your car is thoroughly inspected by one of our ASE Certified Technicians using a 120 point inspection Report Card. All recommended services and repairs identified through the inspection are evaluated and scored to determine whether it is reasonable to put them off until a later date or whether they should be taken care of right away to avoid breakdown. Our service managers review all the details with you and make recommendations based on what is best for you.

Our North Hills vehicle inspection costs $119.95 and includes 4 oil and filter change coupons worth $54.99 each!

This is a fantastic deal, considering what oil changes cost these days. The oil change coupons alone are a $220 value. You may redeem these any time for any vehicle that you own; not just the vehicle that was inspected.

Purchasing an annual inspection at North Hills will help keep your car running reliably while saving you money and future inconvenience by proactively addressing repairs and maintenance.

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» Annual inspection - full vehicle inspections

» Diagnostics

» Engine and transmission repair/replacement

» Michelin tire dealer

» All factory recommended services performed

» Brake experts

» AC repair

» Hybrid repair - including battery replacement



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