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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Less wrench-turning. More headache prevention.

Vehicle owners in the Greenville area expect a little more TLC, so we deliver on that and more. It’s why North Hills Automotive is here in the first place. We want the same quality of care for our own cars and trucks, too. We get it!

More and more, we’ve been welcoming second-owners of electric or hybrid vehicles to our facility. They truly depend on a solid shop with the chops to maintain their unique cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs — one that won’t break the bank either.

Read up on these tips from North Hill’s specialized technicians as well as those from the manufacturer of your car, SUV or truck. Although maintenance of makes and models may vary, your own common sense goes a long way, too, in extending the lifespan of your vehicle.

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Thinking about buying a used EV or hybrid?

We’re happy to offer our tips and can inspect any make or model you’re considering. Before you kick another tire, bring it to us for a thorough pre-owned vehicle inspection. As certified EV/hybrid experts, we know what to look out for. Don’t risk it.

Hybrid and electric vehicle maintenance is not optional.

Since hybrids also depend on internal combustion engines they do require more maintenance than most EVs. Be sure you also schedule maintenance for the electrical system (battery, electric motor, and related electronics).

With fewer moving parts and fluids to change, EVs generally require less frequent service than conventional vehicles. Thanks to regenerative braking technology, they experience much less brake wear, too.

Thinking of repairing your high-voltage hybrid or EV yourself?

Think again! Special tools and skills are required to work on these types of engines and motors — even certain insulated gloves to work around the high voltage battery.

Having qualified technicians who understand these high voltage systems (300+ Volts) is essential to performing service without damaging electronic components. While there are more shops servicing hybrid and EVs in and around Greenville, some lack the experience or even the certification necessary.

Don’t take the short cuts. That can be hazardous not just to yourself and others, but to your vehicle.

Battery Service and Check-ups.

The battery lifespan of both hybrid and electric vehicles depends on regular ‘health checks.’ The advanced batteries used in these cars have a finite number of times the battery can be charged and discharged (cycle life).

North Hills Automotive keeps current on the latest in battery maintenance, charging systems, and other innovations. We’re especially mindful of battery degradation because it can cost you a pretty penny if ignored. Schedule those battery check-ups in advance and remove the worries.

Cooling Systems.

Hybrids such as the Toyota Prius have two radiators. One cools the gas engine, and the other cools the high voltage inverter/converter. Flushing and replacing the antifreeze/coolant in both are necessary. Then your cooling system will keep the temps from spiking and causing major damage. We will help you monitor this, too.

Other Essential Maintenance.

Hybrids operate with multiple propulsion components including their combustion engines, so we suggest staying on top of those oil changes. As with all vehicles, hybrids and EVs require brake fluid tests, tire rotations, as well as wheel balancing and alignments. EV owners get to skip the oil changes though.

Years of experience servicing hybrid and electric vehicles.

Count on the trained professionals at North Hills to provide the maintenance and repairs that will ensure maximum performance and fuel economy for these high-tech machines. Contact us today to schedule your maintenance plan with North Hills Automotive.

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