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Taking a Wild Guess

When the weather warms up the A/C goes on! But what if all you get is hot air? At North Hills we repair A/C problems the right way. Some shops just add Freon to the system and hope it works. This is a dangerous practice and can cause A/C Compressor failure!

Proper Diagnosis

The proper way to diagnose an A/C problem is to first check the electrical switches, controls and fuses. If everything is OK on the electrical side, then it's time to look for leaks on the refrigerant side of the system.

Testing for Leaks

It is essential to remove all existing refrigerant from the system and replace with the exact number of ounces that your car's manufacture specifies. Along with introducing the proper amount of refrigerant, we also add a small amount of lubricant (PAG oil) that contains a dye. The dye coats the insides of all the hoses and A/C components. Using specialized color glasses and a special black-light, the technician can quickly identify leaks by looking for dye on the outside of the hose or component. This procedure takes the guesswork out of A/C diagnoses.

Our Best Practice results in lower cost to you. You pay only for the defective part and associated labor - not somebody's wild guess. Have our technicians properly check your car's A/C performance. Call us today:



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