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Hybrid and electric vehicles are relative newcomers to the independent repair shop industry. Having qualified technicians that understand these high voltage systems (300+ Volts) is essential to performing service without damaging electronic components.

Cooling Systems

Hybrids such as the Toyota Prius have dual power systems; a gasoline engine and electric motors. The cooling system, for instance, has two radiators; one to cool the gas engine and the other to cool the high voltage inverter/converter (DC to AC Volts). Flushing out both radiators and replacing the anti-freeze/coolant is necessary to keep these systems performing properly and to keep temperatures from spiking. Temperature spikes can cause major damage.


Special tools and skills sets are required to work on these types of engines. For example, at North Hills, we know that special insulated gloves are needed to work around the high voltage battery. Hybrids also have a 12-volt, normal car battery to start the gas engine. The Prius and all other hybrids on the market are essentially the same in theory.

The trained professionals at North Hills can perform needed maintenance and repairs to insure maximum performance and fuel economy from these high-tech automobiles. Call us today!



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