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Ken Gamble, Host of The Driving Line, Answers Your Questions

“What is the best car to buy?”
“Should I trade my car or repair it?”
"How often do I really need to service it, and why?”

These are just a few of the many questions we will answer on an ongoing basis.

Owner, Ken Gamble hosted, “The DrivingLine Radio Show” on Upstate radio stations for over 22 years. You can tap into his knowledge at any time. Have a question you’d like Ken to answer? Email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will be happy to shed some light on any subject.

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Time for New Treads? NHA Tire Dealership

Get Your Tires In Shape For Winter!

The cold weather is here! You wouldn't go into winter without your cold-weather gear, and your auto shouldn't have to either! Your tires are like a good pair of winter boots, you plan for them, save for them, and go for quality! Here are some tips to help you stay ahead of the game this season!

Complicated VVT Engine System explained by North Hills Auto

What Is Variable Valve Timing and Why Does it Matter?

Variable Valve Timing is an innovation in engine technology that allows the valves in your engine to speed up or slow down more efficiently based on the speed and load of your vehicle. The purpose of this system is to enhance performance, reduce emissions, and increase fuel economy.

Happy woman in car leaving auto repair shop

Four Variables to Consider when Choosing a Mechanic

If you don’t already have a trusted mechanic who handles your vehicle maintenance and knows your history, you could be in trouble when you face a sudden breakdown. So, what are the variables to take into consideration when choosing your mechanic?

Young woman making decision about car mechanic

Dealership or Independent Mechanic: Which Should You Choose for Auto Service & Repair?

Everyone wants to know where they should take their auto for service and repair. For many auto owners, the first decision is whether to take their vehicle to a dealership or an independent mechanic? Much like choosing a new doctor, shopping for a Mechanic can feel like a daunting task. Let's draw a few comparisons that may help with that decision.

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